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fireworks displays for weddings, events etc.

Firework displays providing sparkle and excitement for any outdoor or indoor event including weddings, corporate events and product launches

Firework displays are an exciting way to light up your party, wedding, corporate event or product launch.


Skyfire Pyrotechnics combines time-honoured firework traditions with the cutting edge of explosive art, tailored to our clients' needs

Firework displays throughout the UK

fireworks displays,fireshows,pyrotechnics

  • Indoor stage systems
  • Large outdoor spectaculars
  • Weddings
  • Product launches
  • Promotional drives
  • Company logos in pyrotechnics
  • Firework workshops
  • Concerts
  • Publicity drives
  • Celebratory speeches
  • Special effects for tv and film
  • Corporate logos in pyrotechnics and/or fire
  • All public events!

Skyfire Pyrotechnics is able to whip up an exciting firework frenzy for any occasion or event.
Safety is our number one priority and all our firework shows are timed to perfection.

For an explosion of confetti or glitter propelled from cannons on your wedding day, to comedy sheep with wool that disappears in a flash, skyfire Pyrotechnics firework displays are a fun-filled firework fest, both varied and quirky.

Skyfire Pyrotechnics can provide sparkle and excitement to any event from the very small to the large scale displays that shake cities. Our technicians can custom build a pyrotechnical system for your exact needs e.g. product launches, factory openings and management motivation rallies, etc.

Why not celebrate that special day with a professionally fired display, whether it be a weddiing, birthday, graduation or just a party for the sake of it, you will find a skyfire display breathtaking and at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our technicians can also tailor a system to enhance performers' props and equipment from small, precision timed flashes and pops to full flaming explosions for TV and film productions.

To avoid disappointment, make that booking now as we are close to being booked for next New Year's Eve.

fireworks displays,fireshows,pyrotechnics Happy Customers include:-

Welshpool Town Council
Oh Oh The Egg Box Clowns
Spa Riders MCC (Wales)
Merlin Communications (BBC World Service)
Garthmyl Hall, Powys
The Que Club (Birmingham)
Newtown Town Council
Paradox IT Ltd.

Planning a large event that is a logistical nightmare? Then make use of Skyfire Entertainments. The skyfire crew all have many years of experience in the entertainments industry so we are proud to be able to provide a range of indispensable services including:
Production Management . Site Safety . Big Top Marquee . Catering . Lighting & Staging . Performers

Dave Morrow, Skyfire Pyrotechnics - 01686 430433
Email:Dave(at symbol)

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